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Reviews of Ktaxon Wooden Chicken Coop Rabbit Pet Cage Wood Small Animal Poultry 50" Cage Hutch
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Customer Reviews(30)

by Davida on April 05, 2022

Poor quality

Very cheap wood and very small. Ok for rabbits but not chickens

by Magdalene on April 05, 2022


Tiny. Not meant for more than 1 chicken....maybe a couple bunnies.

by Valerie on February 28, 2022

Dont buy waste of money

Wood had cracks in it didnt align well to other pieces it's cute but not worth the money

by Prosperous on February 14, 2022

Not worth the money

It's cute for a small animal. Too small for adult chickens. There were broken pieces when it arrived and several starter holes (for the screws) were missing or in the wrong spot.

by Edana on February 11, 2022


Very cheap and small maybe enough room for 1 chicken assembly instructions not good don't buy !

by Scott on February 03, 2022

Good for bunnies

I have 6 chickens and thought this was something I could keep them in but I was mistaken. If u have a bunny it's a great size for that but still don't waste your money you can build for cheaper than this!

by Sally on January 31, 2022

Very misleading.

So small the chickens did not fit in there.Very disappointing.

by Leo on January 22, 2022

It works

The door latch broke . it okay for 1 small animal but not ideal

by Delilah on January 09, 2022

Totally love it.

Bought it for my hedgehog. Totally love it.

by Red on January 03, 2022

Five Stars

Very well made and easy to put together. This product met my expectations.

by Egerton on December 30, 2021

Great tor my bunnies would definetly recommend it to anyone!! And yes it will work for a tortoise

by Henrietta on December 30, 2021

Just like the picture beautiful work

Thank youuuuuu

by Harry on December 24, 2021

Don't buy for chickens!

Way too small for chickens! We only have 2 chickens. It is more just a place to keep their food dry. Wood was splintered and cracked. So, disappointing!

by Derwin on December 23, 2021

Much smaller than it appears in the photos

It is so small we can't even put any of our hens in it , let alone the rooster

by Kilian on December 07, 2021

Not bad as a temporary

by Jonathan on December 06, 2021

I really like this little hutch

Easy to assembly, nice materials.

by Paula on December 06, 2021

Worth the money to me.

by Bird on December 04, 2021

Great Temporary Coop

by Warren on November 21, 2021

Very sturdy easy to put together so far so good

by Dark on November 11, 2021

I can say it was fairly easy to put together

So far, I can say it was fairly easy to put together. Big enough for 2 bantams, maybe 3.

by Monroe on September 30, 2021

Spacious. Easy to assemble. Lightweight.

It was also extremely easy to put together. It only took 15 minutes without any power tools! I definitely can't wait to use it outdoors!

by Maggie on September 25, 2021

Easy to ensemble, fast shipping, I bought for my tortoise.

by Dalton on September 25, 2021

Must Have for your critters!

I didn't know I needed this, until I got it. We use it for our turtles and just love it.

by Helpful on September 24, 2021

We use it for our turtles. They go inside the little house when it's sunny and come out when it rains...

by Germaine on September 13, 2021


Great quality for the price! And is absolutely perfect for my indoor bunny's needs.

by Lolita on September 04, 2021

Easy to put together and very nice

by Warlike on August 31, 2021

Looks great & is exactly what I need

by Beryl on August 21, 2021

Was perfect size for a medium size to small size bunny ...

by Sirena on August 06, 2021

Very easy to put together

by King on August 02, 2021

Good buy!

MUCH higher quality than the one I bought last year. Good buy!