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Reviews of Ktaxon 20" Cat House Outside, Weatherproof Rabbit Hutch Small, Wooden Small Pet House and Habitats
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by Awe-Inspiring on January 25, 2022

So cute and cozy! Perfect!!

My cat loves the new blue pet bed house we bought for her. I found a soft heated cat pad that fits inside and she is always in it. It is a very beautiful pet house and the perfect size. It was easy to assemble and arrived safely to the house. Came in 2 days. We are very excited about this and we even bought a pink one for our girl bunny outside in her pen. Very warm inside and very cozy. The bunny and cat both love them!! Quality and fashion is what you get!! Thank you so much!!

by Gregory on January 16, 2022

Duckling Lodge

My ducklings love it; it is just the right size.

by Louisa on December 30, 2021

Very sturdy, nicely made

Well made, very cute, easy to clean, sturdy

by Fergus on December 16, 2021

easy to set up in 5 min

It's very easy to set up with just screw, the house was too small for my little ducky after one month... they grew too fast..

by Roderick on December 07, 2021


I was so skeptical but after buying this I'm so glad i did. Our cat stays nice & dry when it rains & he loves to sleep on the roof when it's sunny

by Roberta on December 04, 2021

Great outdoor cat house

We added silver reflective insulation for the visiting outdoor cats. It is a nice house. No regrets.

by Lorelei on November 28, 2021


It's SO cute! Husband said it was a bit pricey for what it was. It's sturdy, but, I had to add styrofoam board to insulate it. Being that I couldn't build one myself, though, I'm very happy. One cat loves it, I think the other is claustrophobic! Since he wasn't using it, I put his house out where I know some feral kittens hang out and I saw them in there this morning!

by Loveable on November 19, 2021

A nice, inexpensive solution

Know that this cat house isn't painted, although there is some minimal primer. I enjoyed painting it to match the house. It was easy to assemble, and our neighbor's cat (who sometimes prefers to stay outside because she's not a fan of the dog) uses it regularly. I even got a night vision, motion-activated camera to watch who went in and out. We put soft towels in it for the summer, and a wool cat bed in it for winter.

by Earthy on September 02, 2021

This house is adorable. It was easy to put together, and great quality. Our bunny loves it.

by Lea on August 31, 2021

Loves his new house!!

I got this for a stray cat outside. Surprised how cute it was and seems as though it will keep Kitty dry and warm. Only took him a day to go in and now he's napping in it during the day. Seems to really like it. One thing it had was plastic strips for the opening. Helps keep the rain out. No one mentioned that feature.

by Nursing on August 21, 2021

Small pet house

Item is as advertised. Assembly was fairly easy. We'll add a little extra insulation for our outside buddy for the winter as the walls are a little thin. Sets a good 2 inches off the decking, so we won't worry about rain flooding the interior. Will be a good little house after we beef it up just a tad.

by Warlike on August 07, 2021


I got this so a stray cat in my yard can have a home to hide in when it rains, and honestly, it's so cute and she loves it!!My only word of advice is have a power tool handy, since not everything can be screwed on. 10/10 product!! : )