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Reviews of Ktaxon Photography Kit 4 Light Bulb 3 Umbrella Muslin Backdrop Stand Set Photo Studio
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Customer Reviews(9)

by D***s on December 18, 2020

Good quality, very sturdy and lot of accessories

Just unpacked the product. Assembly was easy, video provided on Amazon to help in case of need. I am impressed by the quality for such a competitive price. It comes with bags for easy transport and all accessories allow a close to professional set up. Let's see if durability will be there over time. If you are looking for a photo/video booth, go for it!

by J***h on December 18, 2020

Worth every penny!

This is my second lighting set and this one exceeded my expectations. The items were well packed and excellent quality. One issue I had with my previous backdrop holder was that the bolts loosened and the backdrop would not stay up, especially when a backdrop was added. This back drop holder offers a much sturdier mechanism with twice as many locking mechanisms so no one lock is too stressed. The reflector was huge with a zip cover that can be turned inside out to offer a variety of different re ...

by J***m on December 15, 2020

Great set!

This is an awesome set for photo shoots as it comes with all the pieces necessary for one! The soft lighting works great and the only thing you have to do is take the time to set everything though. However the green is vibrant and great for post processing.

by H***n on December 14, 2020

Good value for the price

In home studio for photography and videos. Do wish the backdrop was a little wider but it's current size is great for portability. Takes a few minutes to set up and tear down and without instructions the first few times take even longer. It gets better with practice. I think this is a great investment for a new or experienced photographer.

by C***n on December 02, 2020

This is a great set!

Was pleasantly surprised by the quality for the money. Usually when I purchase these deals, where you get a set of items in one purchase, I don't necessarily expect that great of quality as long as I get the most for my money and I can replace items for better quality as I go BUT this set was great quality! It came with everything to set up and start shooting! (no 'bulbs not included' or anything like that every piece comes to set up your light studio with backdrops) It came with a lot! and ever ...

by T***a on November 08, 2020

Fantastic kit.

Super kit for a home photography studio setup. It comes with pretty much everything i needed for my indoor portrait photography setup. The package comes with 3 different backdrop color: white, green and black. Also have a huge handheld reflector screen. Can't wait to get more backdrop to shoot for my family.

by S***r on November 03, 2020

Great value and great kit

Everything was sturdy and high-quality. The lights all work and are easy to set up and take down. Great price, too!

by H***d on October 13, 2020

Worth the buy

Great kit it come with everything you need. Some knobs have to be treated with kindness cause they are a little to sensitive. But other than that awesome. Now to make green screen videos.

by M***s on October 12, 2020

Better quality than expected for the price.

Way higher quality than I expected for the price. My sole complaint is the bulbs it comes with are decidedly "Meh" but that is a very easy fix.