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Reviews of Ktaxon 1400W Small Electric Fireplace, Indoor Free Standing Stove Heater Fire Flame Stove Adjustable
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Customer Reviews(40)

by M***a on August 20, 2021

Saved my family during snowmageddon

I purchased this heater to use in my tent at camp, and it worked pretty ok!

by J***n on August 16, 2021

Excellent, safe, good looking heater

Happy with the purchase. Would def recommend. And the fire looks great.

by G***g on August 14, 2021

Perfect to quickly heat up bathroom

Had it a few months now and if definitely saved my office by itself.

by J***n on August 13, 2021

Excellent for small rooms and desks

For a small portable heater it puts off a lot of heat. Great product.

by O***r on August 12, 2021

It's light weight and powerful.

Super modern and keeps our whole room warm!

by U***n on August 08, 2021

Simple basic heater that WORKS!

Best little heater. This heater can really warm up a bathroom in no time. I love mine.

by G***w on August 05, 2021

works like a champ!

The compact design is easily portable and the heat output is just right. Takes a lot of power- accidentally broke a circuit because too many items where plugged in at the same time with it.

by J***t on July 24, 2021

Good things come in small packages!

Gives off a great deal of heat. Love that it is adjustable and automatic.

by B***d on July 22, 2021

Good product

they are beautiful and heat the rooms. I ordered two and one is in the bedroom and the other in the living-room. They are a wonderful addition to any room.

by M***r on July 09, 2021

Perfect cute heater

The flame effect on this unit is very generic but still works well. The heater puts out much better than I expected with a very accurate thermostat. For the price, you can't beat this buy!

by V***t on July 05, 2021

Perfect for big/medium sized rooms

This little heater is amazing. It heats up my large finished basement in no time!

by A***y on July 05, 2021

Warming the mirrors in the bathroom

I'm honestly surprised how powerful this thing is! Keeps me toasty warm.

by G***n on July 03, 2021

Perfect heater for summer or winter

This is for our bathroom. Perfect size and works perfectly for what we wanted

by W***) on July 02, 2021

Strong small, quite and safe to u

Good heater. Like the built in handle. Works well. Hope it lasts beyond a year.

by C***e on June 17, 2021

Quiet and has a Non-heat fan setting

The fireplace lights are beautiful to look at.

by C***a on June 12, 2021

Handy and neat for immediate heat.

Used this to heat my bedroom all winter. It works AMAZING. Definitely recommend.

by A***n on June 10, 2021

Great heat output!

I really love this heater/fireplace. So much I bought a second one The fire feels real and can be used with or without heat.The heater is potent, can heat area of 400 square feet easily

by V***t on June 05, 2021

This little Dude kicks out the heat!

Does the job i wanted. Not the hottest but definitely effective. Works very well in my living room.

by A***n on May 29, 2021

Great purchase! Safe for kids!!

Sweet little heater pumps out the heat and shuts off immediately when knocked over!

by M***a on May 17, 2021

Consistent controllable heat output

Even though it is a small heater, it works very well. Great price and quality.

by M***d on May 15, 2021

Safe automatic shut off. Great heat.

What can I say ? this heater does everything as promised

by M***g on May 04, 2021

Baby pumps out the heat for cheap $

Perfect space heater for my husband desk area!!He is always cold!!

by I***y on April 28, 2021

Compact little bathroom inferno...

We use this in the basement when my teenagers are down there playing video games.

by M***y on April 14, 2021

Best little space heater out there!

Good value and it works well in all respects, except it is much too loud.

by F***x on April 10, 2021

Nice Little Heater for Small Spaces

Great portable heater easy to control temperature with auto power off !

by L***l on April 06, 2021

Everything Was Good

This little heater does put out the heat. It was a little smaller than I thought. It isn't that realistic but what do you expect for the price.

by T***y on April 04, 2021

Puts our alot of heat!

We get decent heat out of the baby fireplace. It usually maintains 68-69 degrees.

by M***y on April 04, 2021

Heats up quick

This thing is adorable! It looks better than a traditional space heater and kicks out a lot of heat. Definitely recommend!

by Z***y on April 02, 2021

Good buy.

This is a nice small fire place for a small room. I wish the heat output was stronger. It does work on a cold day though.

by C***a on April 02, 2021

Not powerful enough for my need

Nice litter heater. It warms the entire room

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